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If you are planning on expanding your business and product range and buying an ICF or EPS factory, you have certainly come to the right address. We know that’s many information but this is the only way for investors to find out all benefits for ICF and EPS production plants. VHG was established in 1990. We have 30 years’ experience in planning ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) building systems. We have been a major supplier of ICF elements for single-family homes, apartment blocks, commercial properties, offices and multi-storey buildings.

Advantages of ICF production:

  • Highest thermal insulation ensures maximum energy reduction (for heating and/or cooling)
  • Low expenditure of energy during production of the building materials
  • Environmentally friendly production - zero emissions of pollutants or toxins
  • 90% reduction in energy costs compared to conventional construction
  • Virtual elimination of construction waste
  • No construction waste disposal necessary, no residual waste, No pollution
  • Just-in-time production
  • ICF has been tried and tested and has established itself worldwide for over 50 years
  • Extremely simple and fool-proof processing and handling of the blocks
  • Building errors eliminated
  • Lightweight and easy to use (“Lego" - system)
  • Labourer require only a brief training
  • No heavy stones (ICF block weighs 2 kilo)
  • No heavy-duty processing machines necessary
  • No cranes required, no special tools
  • Briefings of labourer performed directly on-site
  • Building is completely insulated
  • EPS does not absorb water or moisture
  • EPS is fully approved for the food industry
  • Healthy housing (no pollutants, toxins, emissions)
  • Maximum durability, Wind and weather proof
  • Hurricane and earthquake resistant, Flexibility

Our clients?

  • Investors, construction companies, property development, and investment companies
  • Thermally insulated and energy-saving housing projects of any kind with our tried and tested ICF building system
  • Major housing and multi-storey projects can be realised quickly in high quality
  • High profits and returns on investment are achieved due to on-site production of construction materials, and rapidity of construction

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