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Dear Prospective Builder,

For many years the VARIANT-HAUS-GROUP® (VHG) has been a manufacturer and provider of ICF insulation systems. These consist of formwork blocks made from Neopor®, whose silver-grey raw material is sourced from BASF-Germany. Normally we deliver the formwork blocks needed for skeletal construction work with a wall thickness of 25cm/35cm or 45 cm for passive houses and with a peak thermal insulation value of R= 0.10 W.

ICF Factory - VariantHouse GroupAny prospective builder, developer or building company can buy the ICF components/ formwork blocks direct from VHG. We guarantee you EU-certified building stone of the highest quality and excellent discounts when you buy direct or procure your building materials from us. We also provide support with the erection of scaffolds and the services of an assistant who can provide on-site assistance to guarantee a professional installation. Even the smallest of contractors possesses the necessary skills to successfully install our Neopor blocks and to carry out the concrete filling. By using the current price list you can obtain a quote based upon roughly how many square meters you require. If you order your products to be delivered then we would be able to recheck your measurements, calculate the weight you will require and, if appropriate, tailor your order accordingly.

Please send your any queries you might have to and we will send you our current price list by E-mail. Please bear in mind that any correspondence should be either in German or English.

Thank you very much for your inquiry.
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