ICF machines

Advantages of local ICF production line:

  • Worldwide approved and authorised system
  • All types of residential buildings
  • No architectural restrictions
  • Commercial and industrial construction
  • Simple and safe construction
  • Use of rebars and concrete results in high strength (multi-storey housing)
  • Regional material production
  • Automated production of ICF blocks
  • No engineers required
  • No long material transportation routes
  • No delivery or storage periods
  • No waiting, no import tariffs or duties
  • ICF plant is also mobile and can be relocated
  • Manufacture of ICF products and packaging
  • High production capacity (24/7)
  • Short delivery time of the complete plant enables a quick start of production
  • No further raw materials, additives required
  • Use of natural resources for the production of normal bricks, long transportation routes, and high production and storage costs eliminated
  • Cheapest possible domestic production of building materials

VHG Provides:

  • Rapid planning, assembly and commissioning of an ICF Factory (made in Germany)
  • Production of custom-made plant within 4-6 months
  • 4 weeks training of factory workers on-site
  • 48 hour repair and spare parts service
  • The entire technical know-how
  • The raw material for the production
  • Engineering in construction planning, structural engineering and construction
  • Service contracts which ensure continuous production
  • Custom-made ICF molds
  • All documentation for approval of production
  • All technical documentation (Engineering)
ICF Machines ICF Machines
ICF Machines ICF Machines

Handcrafted ICF Machines & ICF moulds

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