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The ICF system is a safe, solid and efficient method to build houses. The ICF system uses stackable elements made of Styrofoam (Expandable Polystyrene or Styrofoam) that interlock like a child's Legos. The Styrofoam blocks have been molded with a hollow cavity running along the center (like a trough with no bottom) and as you build up a few rows, you would then pour the concrete filling the cavity. Erecting a wall only takes half the time of a standard wood frame wall with half the labor. You can put together a 250 m² structure, with 3 unskilled laborers in about two and a half days. ICF walls are quieter, a lot sturdier and have superior insulation compared to a normal wood frame or brick house. ICF buildings are safer when it comes to fire safety the Styrofoam is fire resistant and burns at a lot slower rate than a normal wall. ICF has a concrete core, which has a higher fire rating than any wood frame or brick house. ICF built homes have been some of the most energy efficient, safe and quiet houses around. The Styrofoam element doubles as an insulator surrounding the concrete while trapping heat in during the winter and the cooler air in the warmer seasons. This is just an added benefit to these houses.

Your benefits:

  • Won't weaken over time
  • Not affected by sunlight
  • Stronger than plastic overall
  • Stronger fastener pullout values
  • Greater durability in a fire
  • Won't add fuel to a fire
  • Won't add toxic fumes to a fire


  • Reusable after a fire
  • Hurricane Safe
  • Earthquake Safe
  • Missile Test Proven
  • Bullet Proof Walls
  • Energy Efficient
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