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Varianthaus Group - Hotline
Varianthaus Group - Hotline
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Variant-Haus-Group (VHG) can help with the entire process from start to finish. We have been a certified ICF Mobile Factory and Stationary retailer for the past 20 years and can assist you with any type of question you may have. VHG is a German retailer of ICF Mobile and Stationary Factories. We are based in Frankfurt-Main, Germany and have been selling our factories here in Europe and shipping them to the Middle East and as far as South Africa. With us you'll never be alone, we will be here throughout the entire process from beginning to end. Our job isn't done when the factory leaves on the truck. VHG comes to the building site and trains the local labor force you have. Once the training has been completed your unskilled laborers will be skilled. From introduction through delivery and training VHG will be there by your side.

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