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ICF Factory - VariantHouse GroupOne of VHG's most popular purchase plans, is to buy the moulds from us and we'll introduce you to an EPS manufacturer. That means that you could produce your own blocks at a fraction of the price. For an investment of €250,000-€350,000 VHG would custom build your moulds with either a 25cm or 35cm cavity (depending on how energy efficient you would want you're building).

ICF has been a proven system of building for over 60 years, ICF buildings are standing all over the world. Producing the blocks locally would save you money on both material costs and shipping costs. VHG can set you up with a local EPS producer and they would produce your blocks and then deliver them to your build site. The delivery costs would be reduced between 60-90%.

Along with the moulds, your purchase also allows you to use VHG's EU permit. That means you wouldn't have to purchase a permit, VHG has you taken care of, our permit covers our clients projects.

Another benefit when working with VHG is that we'll show you how to work with our system, that means you don't need to hire skilled laborers we'll train any labor force you have. A VHG professional would come to your build site and, with our 22 years of experience, train your labor force, that's another way VHG saves you money.

If you have any interest please fill out our contact form and sent us your inquiry.

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