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We equip our factories with only the finest block producing machines available today. Each machine is built here in Germany by some of the best and experienced craftsman. These trained craftsman will hand build these machines from start to finish. Each hole drilled manually, each part fabricated by a master of his trade and finally painstakingly put together by hand. These machines have been working round the clock, worldwide for the past 30 years.

The final piece that's included to complete the mobile factories is the moulds. VHG has been producing moulds for many years and only delivers the finest quality. They stand behind their product for 300,000 cycles. That means if the mould fails and it's their fault, they will fix any way they can. VHG will provide every mould needed to manufacture an entire ICF structure.

This means you get:

  • Water Treatment Module
  • Steam Plant, Boiler, Chimney
  • Water Cooling System, Pressure Tanks, Cooling Tower
  • Sump Bottom Tank, Compressor
  • Fully Automatic Continuous Preexpander


  • Silo Systems and Piping
  • Shape Moulding Machine
  • ICF and Ceiling Moulds
  • Labor Force Training
  • Delivery to any build site on the planet.
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