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Are you interested in producing ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) at best prices locally?

We've got your solution!

ICF elements (insulated concrete forms) are globally gaining ground and is unstoppable. The quick, simple, and energy efficient way of construction that facilitates a smart solution for numerous investors and contractors.

Polystyrene and Neopor form liners are used in every region around the world and building with the ICF has been beneficial from the coldest to the hottest climates. Varianthaus Group has been specializing in the production of ICF blocks for over 20 years.
The costs listed below will be incurred by in-house production:

Costs for real estate, notary fees, tax, annual dues or rental fees, official requirements, charges, permits, costs for foundations, costs for hall construction in accordance with official requirements, fire- and noise-protection measures, costs for the ICF forms, costs for the production plant, costs for the consumption of water, gas, diesel, electricity, water and sewage charges, heating costs for steam generation, (if applicable) costs for a tank farm, raw materials, storage costs, servicing costs for maintenance and repair, amortization costs, labor costs for production, wages and salaries, labor costs for warehousing and logistics, upkeep costs, spare parts, repair works, downtime costs, insurance fees for the overall plant, liability insurance, commercial insurance, tax on land and buildings, commercial tax, sales tax, capital gains taxes, storage costs for raw materials and finished components, interim financing costs, interest, charges, lawyer's fees, legal advice, tax consultant's fees, costs for marketing, distribution, show homes, administration costs, fencing, site security, upkeep costs, ground keeping costs, and much more.

Investments in a proprietary ICF plant

The total investment for an ICF production plant ranges between 1.5 and 2.0 million Euros, then having to add the above listed extras amount to a significantly large investment.

Operating an ICF production plant effectively and at full capacity requires a production volume of 800 to 1,000 houses annually. Currently, these volumes are only being achieved in high thriving markets such as Brazil, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East, however, not here in Europe.

The bottom line is: if said numbers can't be realized the plant wouldn't be a financially sound decision. The calculation for amortization won't work out; the investment will fail to yield the intended profit. The plant is unprofitable and the investor loses money.

Our Cooperation

Varianthaus Group has an opportunity for a time saving, cost-effective and efficient partnership in production. The commercial solution for the investor is joint production and individual market activity with proprietary products.

You could be ready to produce blocks in 4 months.

Our partner company runs an EPS production plant for packaging material in your neighborhood. We offer you the chance for unique cooperation with VHG and our partner. We deliver complete ICF moulds to your site and you benefit from all our know-how. Your investment is now reduced to only about 10-15% and compared to proprietary production you will see significantly better results.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Lower investments result in reduced risks.
  • You would save on expensive delivery costs.
  • You would only need to produce blocks when needed.
  • You would benefit from our time tested and well-known brand.
  • You could take advantage of our shared CI (Corporate Identity).
  • Cultivate market leadership with an internationally renowned construction method.
  • You would be given a license for your region/country.
  • You will be granted exclusive distribution rights .
  • There would be no need for a production staff, or any know-how would be required .


  • You would benefit from VHG and 20 years of experience with ICF.
  • You would adopt a fully developed construction and distribution system.
  • Your final production prices would be equal to the purchase price.
  • Your amortization period would be extremely short and reasonable.
  • Partnership for production will maximize your profit.
  • No expenses in the event of production stop (closed-down due to vacation, Inventory, maintenance , low-production months and the Winter Season, etc).
  • Your investment would be assessable and predictable.

Your investment

Being Varianthaus Group's production partner, you would face one-off, as well as, recurring costs. Your one-off expenses for ICF moulds will be between 150,000 and 300,000 EUR, depending on the quantity of forms, length of the elements, and number of cavities. Part of your investment could be financed by your bank.

Your investment will amount to about 10-15% of the total. You will save on all extras, take no risks, and produce most effectively and cost-efficiently. Your monthly expenses would amount to approx. 500-800 EUR. Part of them are costs and fees arising from: external quality control, compliance with DIN standards, and on-site quality control. Any further costs will not arise.

If you compare your one-off investment plus the monthly costs to the high discounts or production prices, respectively, your enormous savings to our special purchase conditions, you will find that entering into production partnership with Varianthaus Group turns out to be a valuable marketing tool, coupled with high performance and profit optimization. As investor and businessman, you could then maximize your profits and expand your market leadership.

Get started now with Varianthaus Group!

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